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Pediatric Dental Health 

Licensing Content

Pediatric Dental Health is the leading provider of online children's dental health information. Our mission is to provide the most objective, credible and trusted information, and to help parents and clinicians play an active role in managing children's dental health. Site visitors can access health news, articles, research reports, condition-specific articles, as well as a support community.

We license our Content, and adapt it to fit specific needs. 

Our licensing fees are based on the words per article. We charge $0.50 per word for content derived from a previously written article. Reformatting and editing by the licensee is allowed for all Content.

We can also develop new Content for your site. We write new, assigned articles at $1.00 per word .

If you prefer, we can maintain and update the content to your site as long as your site allows us access.

There are several strategic considerations that separate the Dentalresource.org content model from other vendors, including:

The Dentalresource.org Content is developed in an HTML format to facilitate the client's ability to customize and manage the Content.

Please send details on the scope of your project and we will provide a detailed estimate.

For more information, please contact Dr. Daniel Ravel, DDS at


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