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Pediatric Dental Health

Parent's Guide

Baby Teeth: The Basics
A great summary of information written for first-time parents.

Tooth Eruption
Learn when your child's teeth should erupt into the mouth. Find out about the normal sequence of tooth eruption.

Sealants For Children
What are sealants made of? Why are they important for children. When should your child get them?


Are You Feeding Your Kids Tooth-Friendly Foods?
Find out why calcium is so important. Learn about healthy snacks for children. Discover why soft drinks are so destructive.

When Should Thumbsucking Stop?
Why do children suck their thumb? What kind of damage can it cause? By what age should thumbsucking stop? What can be done to stop it?

Your Child's Oral Health
Learn what causes cavities. Find out how to prevent dental caries and other oral disease.

Sedation Techniques
What is sedation? Which children need sedation? Is it safe?

How Much Fluoride Is Enough?
Do children need fluoride? Can a child have an overdose of fluoride? How many sources of fluoride are there?

Sports Safety: Avoiding Tooth And Mouth Injury
What are mouthguards? What are they made of? How many kinds of mouthguards are there? During which activities should children wear mouthguards?
The First Dental Visit
Find out how to prepare for the first dental appointment. Learn what to expect, and what questions to ask the dentist.

Can The Bottle Ruin My Baby's Teeth?
Should my baby go to sleep with a bottle? Is it OK to put juice in the baby bottle? How can I prevent baby bottle tooth decay?

Early Orthodontics May Mean Less Treatment Later Do young children really need orthodontics? What sort of appliances are used for orthodontic treatment?

What To Do If Your Child's Tooth Gets Knocked Out
What should parents do first? What can the dentist do? Why are the first 30 minutes the most important?


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