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Pediatric  Dental   Health

Submit Your Article For Publication!

Authors may submit original articles for publication in Pediatric Dental Health.
We especially welcome review articles that help our visitors learn about pediatric oral health problems.
We seek a state-of-the-art review of the subject matter, with emphasis on benefits for children's oral health.
We do not publish speculative material.

Articles submitted to Pediatric Dental Health  will be reviewed by the editor (Dr. Ravel) for accuracy before publication. We may edit your piece for clarity, grammar, and brevity. If our edits are going to substantially change the meaning of a piece, we will of course ask you first. Headline, summary and illustration decisions are made solely by the PDH editor although feel free to suggest a headline.

Submit finished material - Material that requires extensive editing is less likely to be published. Spell-check and review your work carefully before submitting it. Please don't send us endless revisions once you have submitted it. If you can provide images to accompany your article that you are entitled to use, this also increases its chances of getting published. 

Text Format: PDH prefers plain text, Word, or RTF document submissions in e-mail with clear captioning of any photographs following, a brief bio (see below), and any images attached to the e-mail.

Acceptable types of Pediatric Dental Health articles:
1)Original Research Articles: Full length (1500-2500 word) articles based on original research or literature reviews, the results of which have not been published previously and the findings are of direct benefit to health professionals in either the dental care of patients or the management of preventive oral health programs.

2)Experienced-Based Articles: Shorter (1000-1500 word) articles based on the experience or observations of a professional which are of benefit to health professionals. Such articles include, but are not limited to, innovative practice management strategies, clinical techniques, and descriptions of oral health linkage to systemic disease. The article must be based on sound principles and established science.

3)Special Topic Articles: Brief (500-1000) articles on special topics that fit the theme of a previous articles in Pediatric Dental Health. These are generally experience or observation-based descriptions of cases, techniques, or dental health program innovations. The article must be based on sound principles and established science.

A few suggestions for authors:
Speak to the reader in a direct and straightforward voice.
Tell the reader your purpose, then provide background, information, and conclusions.
Show a clear progression and logic to the development of your ideas throughout the manuscript and within paragraphs and sentences.
You will make your point most effectively by illustrating with a well-chosen example, rather than providing an encyclopedic discourse.
In each paragraph and sentence, stick to the subject.
Write short and simple sentences.
To make your information accessible to the widest possible audience, avoid jargon, acronyms, and needless words.

Author information:
All submissions must include a short bio. Authors should give complete information about themselves (i.e., full name, graduate degree(s), and affiliation).
Clearly identify the corresponding author and provide that author's address (include phone number, fax number, and e-mail address).

Digital Photos:
If you are submitting figures in digital format, save each figure as a separate file. Photo files may be submitted as e-mail attachments. Photographers are credited and links offered to their websites if they have one.

If the images are coming from a digital camera or scan, please do not edit them down in size. Please do not send images in excess of 4MB unless you have made arrangements with us. JPGs or TIFF format is preferred. Please caption images clearly. If you have a website that you would like us to link to from your credit, please do send us a link.

Submitting the article:
Authors may submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment using a Microsoft Word 95 or higher document file. 
Submissions with well-captioned photos that you took or have permission to use are appreciated. Write FOR PUBLICATION or SUBMISSION somewhere in the e-mail subject box before sending to Pediatric Dental Health's contact address danielravel@dentalresource.org

Implicit understanding: By submitting your work to PDH, you are giving us a non-exclusive right to use the material on our website and in multimedia presentations (ie. Video, DVD) in perpetuity. If you wish to republish the article after it has been on PDH, please ensure the publication notes this and offers a link to PDH. Do not submit material that you do not hold the rights to. 

Don't expect to be paid. PDH does not have the resources to pay contributors at this time, but we do credit your work and can offer a link to your website and pass on correspondence relating to your contribution. Good writing is its own reward. Many of PDH's contributors have used their work on our site as a portfolio. 

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